Silicon Valley, February 8, 2016

Silicon Valley (and its investment capital) is going on the road, and may be coming to a town near you…

I’m not talking about the HBO series “Silicon Valley”, I’m talking about the ACTUAL PLACE…Or more specifically, the money and the investors behind the money.

Even if you haven’t seen the TV show, you may have wondered… “Is that how things go down in REAL life in the Valley?” Or perhaps you wondered if you need to be “hip” or “tech” to get venture capitalist or angel investors to take a chance on you or your business?

And even if you could, WHO do you pitch?
And HOW do you pitch them?
And WHAT are they looking for?
And WOULD it make sense to travel to Silicon Valley hunting for money?

The good news is, not every Silicon Valley VC firm is seeking tech-only start-ups wanting to find the next Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp or Uber.

Manchester Capital Ventures, although located the heart of Silicon Valley, is one of the few firms that are seeking businesses across all industries to fund.

But what’s really getting everyone’s attention, is HOW Manchester is changing the process of businesses finding and raising capital, primarily in 3 ways:

  1. They put MULTIPLE investors into one room to hear your pitch.
    (This can often get them competing or fighting over funding you, like often happens on the hit TV show Shark Tank.)
  1. They provide you access to ALL TYPES of capital.
    (Venture Capital; Private and professional angel investors; Business Lenders, etc.)
  1. They HELP you prepare your pitch, before you deliver it.
    (They do this because they are promising their guest-investors GOOD businesses to fund, and because as they say, “…no investor wants to miss out on a GOOD deal, because of a not-so-good pitch.”)

When you combine these 3 “game changers” with the fact that they bring all this to your city, your chances of raising capital should be magnified many times.

As the their video puts it, “Don’t chase money all over the place. Get the money chasing you all in ONE place.

It’s called the Business Funding Symposium or BFS 2016, but there’s an issue…

Seating capacity is rather limited, and by making it so much easier for businesses to access capital, (and by making the event free), the demand is very high, and the slots to attend fill up rather quickly.

There are simply far more businesses seeking capital, then there are investors and money to fund them, so we recommend you secure a spot now, even if you don’t have a need for immediate capital.

Go HERE to find out when the next BFS is coming to your city, and if there any seats remaining.

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